Silver Electrodes


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For use with the PyraMed Colloidal Silver Machine. 

High purity silver electrodes (99.99%).

Supplied as a pair.

UK sourced bullion supplier.

Silver is not inert in the presence of biological materials as thought at one time, but it has been established that, whereas metallic silver is largely inert, it slowly ionizes in the presence of moisture, body fluids and secretions to release biologically active Ag+. This ion readily binds to proteins and cell surface receptors on cell membranes.

Silver has a long standing and increasing value in medicinal applications from at least the middle ages. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria at exceedingly low concentrations. This concept has become known as “oligodynamic action”. A vast amount of research has been conducted since then, and it has been found that silver has the capacity to absorb (or adsorb) to metallic and non-metallic substances or surfaces for use in medical devices, without losing its antibiotic properties.

Significant advances have been made in the use of silver and its compounds in medicinal science, in surgery. Also for use with the PyraMed colloidal silver machine. In the periodic table of the elements, silver has been shown to have three oxidation states, Ag+, Ag++ and Ag+++, although only the Ag+ state has been shown to be of relevance as an antimicrobial agent in medical devices and textiles.

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